Snöbad och glasskrig!
Hade en otroligt rolig kväll/natt igår med mina älskade vänner. Idag så har jag dock huvudvärk, glass på hela tröjan och minnen av snö-rullning i underkläder
Ikväll blir det tjej-kväll hos Beccy, kommer bli supermysigt :D


Today is just another day
Today is not a very good day
Tomorrow will be just another day
Tomorrow will be a better day
Yesterday was a odd day
Yesterday was my fuck-off-day
Now is the time to strike
Now is the time to be honest
Just kinda felt like it


En man ~35 handlar kaffe av ett kvinnligt kassabiträde ~20.
Kassabiträdet: Köper du en bulle till så kostar det bara 9kr.
Mannen (svarar med glad ton): Ta din jävla bulle och kör upp den i röven och ge mig en kaffe för 9kr.
Kassabiträdet som redan ställt fram kaffet tappar hakan medan mannen tar sin kaffe och går glatt där ifrån.

An Amazing place

This is were I've spent my Christmas Holidays for 3 years. and I wanna go back.
It's Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand. An amazing place where I have a lot of memories, some great, some bad.
I'm not going to tell you anymore, cause it's too personal. But this is the place where I would like to be buried.
Lots of love


Hittade denna ytterst roliga hemsida!
Så sjukt klockren, den har bilder som:


Jaa du...
Trodde ja skulle dö av skratt när ja läste detta: Om SJ hade skött tågtrafiken i Natzityskland hade förintelsen aldrig ägt rum.
If SJ had run the trains in Nazi-Germany the holocaust hadn't occurred.


Oh yes! Jag har gjort om hela layouten

eller snarare ändrat färg på allt men ändå



Last night I got food poisoning
Today is Tuesday
Today I woke up took 2 alvedon (like aspirin) and went back to sleep
Today I've been home, tired, and playing Sims 3.
Just now, my foot fell asleep
It hurts

Oops I did it again

Once again I deleted my recycle bin/trash can on my desktop.. So I googled it..

Right-click empty desktop area
Select Personalize;in te left pane of Personalization window
- Click Change desktop icons
- Mark "Recycle Bin" checkbox under "Desktop icons"
Remember this cause You will need it

Lots of love

Shopping + webcam

Kan det bli bättre än både Engelska och Svenska inlägg?!
TROLIGTVIS men ni får överleva. Här kommer lite bilder på vad jag köpt ida (ja jag vet OMG vad är de för skit de här är väl inte en modeblogg!!!) nej definitivt inte! Men jag vill bara visa för ja e grymt nöjd o på vår humör :D


Just cooked a great dinner:
  • Pasta
  • 10 halved Meatballs
  • some milk/creme fraishe
  • garlic
  • tomato pure
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lemon
  • basil
  • oregano
And then just mix it all together... It is great!
Lots of love!


Missed my bus on my way home from a friend this morgning (around 2 am) so I had to wait 30 minutes in the cold winter blizzard to catch my next bus..
Now I'm finally home and in my bed, tired as a duck!
Hope you all had a great friday night!
Lots of love :)


The title says it all..

I did it this morning, at it was great! And yes.. you'll have better SEX if you work out since you'll be able to have it longer and more intense.



Today, I was sitting in a really boring class. Nothing much was happening and half the kids were asleep. My usually quiet friend suddenly jumped out of his chair, jumped onto a desk, leaped across the room screaming at the top of his lungs, and slapped the wall. After 20 seconds of total silence, he said, "There was a bug...." MLIA
Gotta love


Världen i dag består utav bitterfittor... Alla är sura eller vresiga över småsaker som blommar upp till lite större saker för att sedan förtära människan inifrån....
Neej.. Jag är INTE bitter... absolut inte
Har dock mina anledningar o tänker inte förklara för de e för privat.
Därav är inlägget slut nu för ja kommer att slänga in min dator i väggen om jag ältar vidare.


Idag var jag ute på stan (med närmare beskrivning plattan: Sergels Torg, Stockholm) och delade ut papper för Barncancer fonden.
Det kändes som en bra sak att göra och när jag fick "de är bra det ni gör" och "fortsätt så" kändes det ännu bättre. Men då jag gav ett papper till en familj med en dotter visade mamman bilden för barnet o frågade om hon såg vem de va. Det var en av barnen som inte dött. Hon längst till höger.

Vet inte varför men det kändes otroligt.

Alla hjärtans dag

I've had a great weekend! Celebrated a friends birthday this Saturday, and today I've been at Patrick's house, met his family (whom I love they are so nice!) and I got a rooosee!!! ROMANTIC YES!
'I know it's so corny but I think I'm in love!
Monday tomorrow... It will be awesome!

I'm mad really bad

In school and I'm rather bored, but I do have a British accent for the moment so life is great :)
Still sold on the Tik Tok parody by The Midnights Beast that I posted yesterday.. It's just amazing.
We're supposed to have nature but our teacher isn't here yet so I'm listening to music and dancing while sitting on my chair... I'm THAT awesome!
Ja det är min mobil som ligger under min tröja :P

Tik Tok I'm a clock

Did not do much today, but it doesn't matter, cause I'm going to bed soon. Found this parody on Ke$ha's TIK TOK.


Different kinds of sex:
  • make up sex
  • usual sex
  • party sex
  • drunk sex
  • ex sex
  • first date sex
  • one-night-stand sex
  • Odd sex
What does sex mean? Is it something we have just because we want to, or is it something we do because we love the other?
I have sex with people because I find them attractive, I make love to people I love. What do you do?


It's a cold but sunny day outside today, and the wind is ice-cold.. Just the way jagermeister should be served, ice-cold.

We're in class and doing a test Cambridge exam. I feel so British for some reason. Oh, and my classmates are telling each other to fuck themselves - just the way it should be!
Hope you're all right and aren't too cold, remember, eat fruit, wear jeans and put on some nice underwear, and don't drink to much jägermeister

Lots of love. 

why I love sweden

My life is brilliant, my love is pure. - James Blunt - You're beautiful
A very good song, and perfect for the spring-winter-scene outside my window. The sky is light blue, with a hint of pink-yellow from the sun, whilst the ground is white and covered with snow. It's a beautiful landscape and it's times like these that remind me of why I love Sweden. It's bea-utiful.
So enjoy this year, cause I do believe 2010 is the beginning of something.
( I just love this picture, I'm not sure why)
Love, Pia


I'm still sick... Stayed home today since I coughed for a minute when I woke up, it hurt like hell...
Oh, and yes, I do write in 2 languages, why... because I like both, and sometimes, it just suits better to type things in English.. Plus then I get to practice..
So now I'm coughing all the time, feeling sick and tired.. but I have done all my homework! yaay or maybe not yay but.. feeling accomplished.
a pic of me last time I was sick...
hope you are well!

To do or not to do

Åh vad jag gillar stockholm, har sovit inne i stan i över 3 dagar nu och jag får en extra timmas sovmorgon :D
Just nu är jag trött och ska snart sova, har gjort alla mina läxor och så = duktig.

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