No Smoking

To stop smoking... is it really that hard? Isn't it just to stop?
But smoking for smokers, is a part of their everyday routine. It's not something you stop doing, to take a cigarette is as normal as drinking water. It's what you do when you're bored and it's what you do when you feel that urge.
So I'm really proud over my cousins-partner who's trying to quit smoking. I can understand how hard it is, and I'm so proud of him for resisting. And he couldn't be more on time, since he will become a father in about 2 weeks.

So KEEP IT UP DAN! I believe in you and so does your daughter! (link to his blog about fatherhood here)
Do it for her, for yourself and for Sofie.
stole a picture from his blog.

Postat av: daddydan

You really are the best!!!! thanks for the blogg post hunny :) cant wait to see you soooooonnn xx

2010-05-18 @ 23:28:50
Postat av: Sofie

Pia, min kära kusin vitamin! Gå in på min blogg, leta upp inlägget "Vild gissning" och gissa när Olivia kommer komma till världen. Om du gissar rätt vinner du 5 kronor =P


2010-05-19 @ 07:57:30

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